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Metal absorption laser treatment program

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Laser cutting machine The reflection, absorption and transmission of the laser light on the material surface are essentially the result of the interaction of the electromagnetic field of the light wave with the charged particles in the material.

Metal in the existence of large density of free electrons, free electrons by light electromagnetic field forced vibration and produce secondary electromagnetic waves (sub-wave). The interference between these sub-waves and between the sub-waves and the incident waves results in intense reflections and weaker transmitted waves that are absorbed in the thin metal surface. Thus the metal surface laser cutting machine laser often have a higher reflectance. In particular, the lower the frequency of infrared, the photon energy is low, mainly only in the metal free electrons play a strong reflection. The higher frequency of visible light and ultraviolet light, photons larger energy, binding electrons in the metal can play a role. The role of binding electrons will reduce the reflective ability of the metal, the transmission capacity increases, and enhance the metal absorption of the laser.

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