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Add: NO.55, Qingning Industry Park, Cuizhai Town, Jinan city, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Tel: +86-531-82804595

Contact us: Eric Liu
Mob: +86-15662723162
E-mail: eric@acmelaser.cn

Contact us: Catherine Jiang
Mob: +86-18678804631
E-mail: catherine@acmelaser.cn

Contact us: Yingzi Li
Mob: +86 150 6338 5366
E-mail: yingzi@acmelaser.cn

ACME CNC Service Policy

- May 29, 2018 -

ACME CNC has perfect service system, include Pre-sales support service, Installation and Training and Others parts. From your consult for our fiber laser cutting machine, we try our best to provide you best service.

Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine3.jpg

       Metal pipe tube laser cutting machine LT-6020

Pre-sales support service

From your first consult, we try our best to provide you best service. Based on our strong technical strength, we can recommend you various production technology solutions, cutting samples and all other aspects you want to know about the machine.

metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine.jpg

      Metal sheet and pipe combined laser cutting machine

Free installation

Enginners can do oversea services. We will send technical service engineers to customer place for free installation. Normally we can finish installation within three days and keep the site clean.

Metal sheet exchange platform laser cutting machine.jpg

  Metal sheet double exchange work table laser cutting machine

After-sales Training

We provide free training in our factory or customer place, depend on your choice. The training continued until the operators are able to operate the equipment. which covers:

Use of control software. 

Startup/shutdown machine procedures. 

Operation of control panel and setup of related parameters. 

Maintenance and cleaning of machine. 

Solutions to common hardware problems. 

Operation precautions.

Metal pipe tube laser cutting machine LT6020D.jpg

     Metal pipe tube laser cutting machine LT-6020D

After the warranty period

After the warranty period, maintenance services will be continued for full lifetime of the machine.

We’ll provide extensive hardware support, and free of software upgrades. 

Tracking machine usage condition by phone call or visit regularly.

To ensure long-term supplying for spare parts and consumable parts.

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