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Metal Laser Cutting Machine Works

- Nov 28, 2017 -

The laser is amazing, and the laser has been able to apply to various industries, such as metal cutting, textile fabric cutting, laser marking, laser engraving, etc., and many people are not very clear on the principle of the laser, today we come to detail The working principle of metal laser cutting machine: laser beam principle: the laser beam is focused into a small spot diameter of the smallest (less than 0.1mm), the focus to achieve high power density (which can exceed 106W / cm2) . At this time the beam input (by the light energy conversion) heat far more than the material reflection, conduction or diffusion part of the material quickly heated to the vaporization temperature, evaporated to form a hole. With the relative linear movement of the light beam and the material, the hole is continuously formed with a narrow width (eg, about 0.1 mm) of the slit. Edge trimming thermal impact is small, the basic deformation of the workpiece.

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