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UK Customer Visit ACME Factory

- Sep 12, 2018 -

The customer from UK visit ACME factory for Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.  We take the customer to our domestic customer's workshop to see the machine working in real world. This machine using almost 3 years with 24x7 hours working, never stop. This is the best proof of the stability of our equipment.

shee metal fiber laser cutting machinefiber laser cutting machine

Customer satisfy with our heavry duty strong machine body, which can load high power laser source easily. Our special design for the X, Y axis and the big distance between the upper table and lower table for double exchange work table. All these machine details showing we focus on making the best quality machines. 

tube laser cutting machinepipe laser cutting machine

The customer also have interested in our tube laser cutting machines, which we shows medium type LT-6020S and light type LT-6020D to the customer. We think not only the sheet metal laser cutting machine, but also the tube laser cutting machine can achieve cooperation in the future.

Welcome for your come and visit!


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